It is now 18 years since Pumicestone passage was closed to commercial netting. How has the fishing changed over that time? Suntag tagging records can provide some insights into what may have changed. Flathead have been on the improve. The number of Flathead tagged per tagger per day has steadily increased from 1.0 fish/day from 1985-1989 to 6.0 fish day from 2010-2013 while the number of Flathead tagged over 400mm has risen from 0.9 in 1990-1994 to 1.8 fish/day from 2010-2014. The story is more mixed for Bream. For Bream the number tagged per day rose from 1.2 fish/day in 1985-1989 to 8.2 in 2000-2004 and has dropped back to 5.0 fish/day from 2010-2014. Bream over 300mm that were tagged have fluctuated from 0.3 fish/day in 1990-1994 to 0.2 from 2010-2014.

Want more details? You can download the latest Suntag report “Insights into Trends in Recreational Fishing in Pumicestone Passage

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