Tagging and Releasing fish is not difficult but it’s important for the health of the fish that the fish are handled with care. The following short videos demonstrate the key aspects of tagging. If you follow these guides you will be on your way to successful Tag and Release.

Tagging Basics

Measuring Fish

Looking after the fish you target

Westag has consistently helped improve the knowledge and handling of the species fishers target. Westag has been involved in many projects such as released fish survival that have helped improve our knowledge of fish and fishing practices.

Looking for a challenge

Tagging offers endless challenges.  There are species that we need in numbers, there are locations hardly fished we need to know about.  There are tagging challenges and fishing competitions that are tagging only.  There is even tagging effort that helps predict the future.  Westag fishers share their skills because they want others join in the task of helping the fish they target.  No matter where you fish, Westag can help you sharpen your skills the best way possible – by getting you out on the water and being successful.

Looking for recognition

Tagging offers a wide range of recognitions.  For those that work hard on a single species there are Tagging Achievement Awards.  For those that focus on social media, interesting stories make it onto our Westag Facebook page.